About Queen Bee Media

Queen Bee Media is a Social Media Marketing Company located in the Twin Cities.  We teach small business' like yours, why you should use Social Media and how to integrate Social Media into your Marketing plan.

We also educate your business with the Social Media tools you need to become more engaged with your clients, customers, fan base and followers. 

This includes the use of Blogs, RSS Feeds, Social Bookmarking and Social Networks.

In today’s advertising world, it’s all about staying connected.  That’s what Queen Bee Media is all about, helping you stay connected with your customers.

With the current economic situation, it’s become increasingly difficult to decide the best places to spend your advertising dollars.  Marketing budgets are becoming smaller while the advertising arena continues to expand.  It’s important for your business to have a resource that can guide you thru your online Marketing objectives. 

We teach you the importance of utilizing Social Media.

Queen Bee Media is a sister company of The Multimedia Room.  The Multimedia Room is an Interactive Online Media company which offers full web solutions to its clients. 

Find out more about The Multimedia Room >

The team has been in the interactive world since the mid 90’s.  As visionaries in their field, they saw the use of Multimedia on the internet with the World Wide Web consisted of only AOL.  They have been studying the internet and multimedia opportunities from its inception.

The company is headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota. 

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