It's time to start pinning for Brands!

My newest obsession is Pinterest, along with 12 million other users. Their monthly unique visitors passed 12 million and crossing the 10 million milestone faster than any previous independent site, according to comScore.

Pinning is fun, sparks a lot of inspiration and can become addictive and it's also great for brands. 

According to recent studies, the social bookmarking site Pinterest is now driving more traffic to company websites and blogs than YouTube, Google+, Reddit and LinkedIn combined. And it’s not just generating traffic, but also conversions, reports Social Media Today.

Five Ways Brands Can Leverage Pinterest Now

1. Add Pinterest Content to Your Facebook Presence

Images are more effective than text at encouraging engagement. It's also fun to see what people are pinning and their individual unique interests.

2. Optimize Your Web to Draw People to Your Pinterest Content.

You can always put a “Follow Me on Pinterest” button on your website. But remember, a user’s choice to “Follow” may not be brand-specific, but rather board-specific. Be specific of where you are driving followers. 

3. Tell Your Existing Social Audiences About What’s Happening on Pinterest.

Make sure that you periodically post your Pinterest content to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. It will create a deeper engagement with fans across your multiple platforms. 

4. Make Your Pins Work For You.

Broken links can stand out like a sore thumb, this means making sure your content is linked back to your website or blog.  Click through is an important part of why Pinterest is so successful. 

5. Arm Your Staff With Tools to Help Them Pin Great Content.

Content is king, and anything that makes it easier for your teams to identify and curate great content represents a competitive advantage. The Pinterest “Pin It” button works quite well for consumers. Unfortunately it wasn’t designed for marketers and is therefore missing some features that would let you include analytics tracking as a simple part of the “Pin It” process. This won’t last long, as tools to fill this gap are already under development.

Pinterest exhibits the potential to provide visually engaging experiences for consumers that marketers can weave into their social communities. Brands can start simple, then evaluate for effectiveness along the way. Being able to experiment with new and innovative platforms is part of the fun and excitement of social and brands should start experimenting today. Read more from TechCrunch

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