What is a Hashtag Anyway?

Hashtags!  You see them everywhere.  You see them in your newsfeeds, in the bottom corners of your TV screen and as it turns out, you are going to start seeing that symbol (#) on Facebook too. 

Last week Facebook introduced the hashtag into its newsfeed. When a hashtag is included in a Facebook post, clicking on it will open a feed that shows other posts that have been tagged with the same key word or phrase. 

With the constant changes in social media, it is not surprising to find yourself asking: “What is a hashtag anyway?”

Well, it’s really simple! A hashtag is basically a search tool that is represented by the number or pound symbol (#).  It’s used to tag a key word or trending topic that is current online or conversations happening right now in your news feed. A hashtag gives the user the ability to reach a broader audience to include in the conversation.  Read more »

Experience Facebook in a whole new way with Graph Search

Facebook introduced Graph Search in a limited preview for English audiences last week. 

So you may be saying what does this mean to you as the small business owner?

Well, it is now more important than ever to take your Facebook business page seriously. Businesses who play their cards right have a lot to gain.

Pinterest may just take the ‘Crown’ of all Social Networks

Should your business be on Pinterest? The answer is simplyYES!  Pinterest is a great tool for small business owners as it is one of the fastest growing social media communities in the world. Pinterest is creating massive amounts of Internet referral traffic. Recently, the social network surpassed Yahoo to become the fourth largest driver of traffic in the world.

Is it going to be as big as Facebook?

Here's a news flash: it already beats Facebook for the number of purchasing customers it sends to retail sites, according to a recent Social Shopping 2012 survey.

Now, that's a lot of window shopping! According to a new survey from Bizrate Insights, 1/3 of online shoppers have made a purchase based on what they’ve seen on Pinterest and other image sharing sites. 

Pinterest allows users to share images of things they like on virtual boards, similar to a collage or scrapbook. Much like Twitter and Facebook, people can follow others’ boards and comment on images.

Consumers install a “Pin It” button on their computers so that they can pin images they find online to their boards. Business owners can install a similar button on their Web sites to facilitate sharing their images. 

Pinterest users are constantly looking to find content they love and want to share—this makes it a place where a lot of new people are going to be exposed to your business. Read more »

Why your business needs to Blog!

When I mention the word ‘blog’ to a small business owner, they usually cringe!  Why you ask? Well, it takes time and most small business owners wear many hats and spread thin already.  It takes inspiration, a little bit of creativity and a commitment.

When most small business owners are asked about social media, many have no idea how to use it in a practical way that can impact their business goals. Did you know that a blog is actually the cornerstone of an active online and social media presence for any business?

Every small business should consider a blog the central hub of their social media strategy.

An effective blog should only be an area of your website where you publish fresh content regularly, which could easily be called your News section. Read more »

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