Social media has never been so prevalent. Everywhere we turn, we see the constant reference to social media.

We also hear about it too! People are talking about Face-booking, tweeting, hashtags, Linking-In and checking-in!

In today's world, social media is a way of life! 

Did you know that more than half of Facebook users log in every day?  That’s more than 400 million people.  Is your business on Facebook? It should be! 

Nielsen found the following in their 3Q 2011 Social Media Report

  • Over 80% of all Americans use a social network
  • Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other U.S. website
  • Approximately 40% of social media users access their accounts through mobile devices
  • Nearly 23% of online time is spent on social networks

Creating a community for your business is important, and these social media platforms allows just that. 

Because people, your customers buy from brands they trust.  Social media is where your customers live, work and play!


Why your business needs to Blog!


When I mention the word ‘blog’ to a small business owner, they usually cringe!  Why you ask? Well, it takes time and most small business owners wear many hats and spread thin already.  It takes inspiration, a little bit of creativity and a commitment.

When most small business owners are asked about social media, many have no idea how to use it in a practical way that can impact their business goals. Did you know that a blog is actually the cornerstone of an active online and social media presence for any business?

Every small business should consider a blog the central hub of their social media strategy.

Social Bookmarking... it's a must!


Social bookmarking is a way for people to save their favorite webpages online. By using social bookmarking online people can access their favorite bookmarks from any computer and share them with other people.

Bookmarks are usually stored with tags, single words that describe a page, making it easy for people to search for similar bookmarks or find bookmarks they have saved. Read more »

What an RSS Feed can do for you!

RSS Feed Icon

RSS What? I am sure you have seen this eye catching orange icon. There everywhere. So what does it have to do with your business?

Well, RSS Feeds are technically just “Really Simple Syndication”.  It is a feed that PUSHES content you have created to other places such as blogs, twitter and other aggregator websites who need to have LOTS of content. 

As a small business you can use these RSS Feeds for a number of different things like auto-publishing from your blog to your Twitter account or posting to your Facebook page.   Read more »

What is Social Search?


Social Search is often ignored.  It's very important for small business owners to participate and manage your reputation with Social Search. 

Yes, Queen Bee Media can do it all!  

Wikipedia's Social Search definition, a type of web search that takes into account the Social Graph of the person initiating the Search results produced by social search engine give more visibility to content created.  Read more »

Social Networks for your Business


Having a website is a must if you don’t want your business to be obsolete.  Running a company blog? Well, also a must if you want to access a larger target market with a personal touch, plus update your customers with fresh content

Now getting involved in social media for your business?

Yes, this is a must if you want to meet your customers where they are!  Read more »

Are you tweeting? Why you need a Twitter account!

Twitter Bird

We are living in a social network explosion and everything and everybody has heard of Facebook and Twitter.

But did you know that Twitter have become a very important part of the social media mix? They allow for quick tracking, joining and engagement of your customers. Read more »

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