Social Networks for your Business


Having a website is a must if you don’t want your business to be obsolete.  Running a company blog? Well, also a must if you want to access a larger target market with a personal touch, plus update your customers with fresh content

Now getting involved in social media for your business?

Yes, this is a must if you want to meet your customers where they are! 

Today's customers, your customers are using social networks like Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn, Google+ and Foursquare and many more.

The businesses who will win in the game of social media will be the ones who are creating communities with their customers. 

People just want to connect with people in real ways and utilizing these social platforms allows just that!



Now, here's some quick and amazing stats!

Facebook Statistics

  • More than 845 million active users with predictions to hit 1 Billion in August 2012
  • Over 483 million daily active users...Wow that's amazing! 

Twitter Statistics

  • As of June 2011, users on Twitter are now averaging 200 million Tweets per day (that's a lot of tweets!)

LinkedIn Statistics

  • More than 115,8 million users and counting (July 2011)

Google+ Statistics

  • Just passed 40 million user mark (October 2011)

Foursquare Statistics

  • The location based social networking service now has over 10 million users (June 2011)
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