Why using Social Media within your Business will give you a Competitive Edge!

Social media is part of our daily lives.

We log-in, check-in, connect, tweet, post, message, pin and re-pin.  We share information, images and video to our followers, friends, fans and networks within seconds.  We connect with people whom we never would have met without social media.  It's truly amazing!

We are living in a social media explosion.

"In order for businesses to use social media effectively, they must leverage it by building it into their business processes to truly give them the competitive advantage", says Sandy Carter, Vice President of Social Business Evangelism at IBM.

Putting up a Facebook Page for your business and signing up for a Twitter account merely will not work if you are not going to incorporate it into your daily routine. 

Your business needs to become social.  You have to start thinking SOCIAL!

Your customers and clients are social.  Social is all about a relationship. Businesses who are adopting social media are seeing growth in their business, because once again...it gives you the competitive advantage. 

Your clients and customers will love to stay connected to your business if you update their news feeds with sales, promotions, new products, coupons and invaluable information.  Let your community get to know you. 

Creating a community for your business is important, and social media platforms allows just that. Because people, your customers buy from brands they trust. 

Social media is where your customers live, work and play!

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